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Dear Black Powder Fan Community!

Soon it will be due …
After almost 50 years of work as a gunsmith I will retire on May 1 st 2020! This also means, that the assorted weapons listed on my webpage cannot be
ordered anymore! That does not mean, that I will disappear in “complete retirement”. For all my trusty customers I will carry on a small business with my new assorted web-
shop as well as I will continue to fix or alter all those weapons I have made or tuned over the years as long as I am able to.

However, my personal hobbies and special projects I neglected because of lack of time in the past will gain most priority in the future.
It will be worthwhile to keep an eye on my web-shop not only because of the new and extensive assortment of goods but also because of the appearance of
some outcome of yet unfinished work I will occasionally make available. I am sure we will meet at various black powder events and I hope that I am able
to overtake you with reports of my adventures or a stunning outcome of some of my special projects.

In this spirit: “Keep your powder dry! And I want to thank all of you who have relied to and trusted in me for the last years or even decades!

Cordially yours,

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