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Why would one want a pistol in cal.38?, While common knowledge favor the cal.36 for a pistol because its known for accuracy and ease to load.
All the cap and ball revolvers build by me are cal.36 needing a roundball in cal.378 So the idea/thought was not too farfetched, if I could use the same ball in a pistol my logistics would be so much easier, the necessity to cast two different ball sizes would be history, since I only had to cast one caliber size that would fit both the revolver and the pistol.
After a very serious empirical investigation I ordered a barrel in that caliber from my barrel supplier Ueli Eichelberger for further practical tests. As soon as I had the first barrels in my hand I build a pistol with a cal.38 barrel.
After numerous test from a ransom rest and single hand with cal.378 ball I could not see any difference between cal.36 and cal.38 regarding accuracy. Therefor my first choice regarding cal. is a pistol in Caliber 38 if you shot revolver and pistol ,the obvious advantage ONE BULLET and the same POWDER CHARGE for both!

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