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Since 2021 the FWB under hammer pistol model History 1 is offcially banned from MLAIC international tournaments. The fact that the FWB pistol's modern match trigger mechanism does not 
correspond to historic originals, led to this decision.

Pictures of original pistols and drawings of original trigger mechanism:

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Beside the illegal trigger mechanism, the FWBs trigger housing is built with aluminum. Aluminum did exist in the historic time period of percussion pistols, but the price of aluminum was as high
as gold! Wide use of aluminum in weapon manufacturing began much later in the 1930s. Aluminum as trigger housing is not ideal. Drillings will be wear down by usage and might ultimately cause trigger malfunction. To mitigate this problem FWB used a weak spring.

The mechanic of a underhammer pistol should only include 2 parts. The trigger tongue and the hammer plus the main spring and the hammer spring without any additional
parts to reduce idle pressure on the trigger. Adjustment screws on the Hammerrest for regulation did exist.

In general, all pistols from all manufactureres will need to prove compliance to new MLAIC regulations. The Trigger must only consist of 2 parts.

The FWB tuning sets made by me will include Steel triger housing, swapping the aluminum parts against my tuning set should not be a problem for skilled hobists.


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