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Technical Data

All parts made from high cuality steel, hand crafted.
"No cast materials"
Barrel detachable
Mainspring, internal
Extreme crisp triggerpull 350g
Rifle stock Walnut
weight 5.5 Kg
Best for crosspatch use
Crosspatch Advantage:
No lead residue, no cleaning necessary between rounds,
Barrel: Eichelberger. Rifle twist tuned for a 300grain soft lead bullet
Barrel length 700mm
Frontsight: adjustable for windage (Baumkircher production)
Rearsight: adjustable fpr elevation (Baumkircher production)
Loading data for Cal.41, 30 grain Swiss Nr.2 crosspatch soaked with our Baumkircher
special lube.
Bullet: Cal. 410 ogival soft lead bullet. Mould from RCBS, Lyman or Redding
Bullet weight 300grain softlead bullet
We recomennd our Baumkircher Cross patch bullet

We guarantee Covering cirkel max 3 cm at 50 meters

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